Way Out VR

This app is for phones using Google Cardboard or a similar headset and it needs a gyroscope and bluetooth controller. The game is inspired by Portal, and I developed it with the only purpose to test the Google Cardboard plugin for Unity. Solve simple puzzles to find the Way Out through all the rooms, grab […]

Angry Bots VR (demo)

** THIS IS A DEMO VERSION ONLY ** [ Important Note ]: This game is build with very special way that you can enjoy the virtual reality in very AWESOME experience. – This app will only work on powerful handsets due to the high-quality 3D graphics. Further support information listed at the bottom. For any […]

3DGallagaVR cardBoard

Spectacular graphics and impactful play! Realistic sound Rock music! while you enjoy the game. 1000% engrossing In limited time Destroy the suicide-commando enemies before they strike you. Add your personal best scores. Enjoy the galaga game in 3D VR. It’s a 3D galaga VR (CardBoard). It can also be set to nonVR mode for users without a VR device. The […]

Killer Abducted VR Demo

This is a one level VR demo of the paid app Killer Abducted VR. Full Paid Game available on the play store: Killer Abducted A brand new sci-fi FPS franchise exclusively for Android! You are a Jack Danger, a contract killer that has been abducted by aliens. To escape the aliens clutches and impending doom […]

Trooper 2c (VR)

14 levels of non-stop Shoot ‘em Up action! You are Trooper, an average soldier in the middle of a place you’d rather not be. They’re green and they’re pissed, and you have no idea why. Features 4 awe-inspiring bosses, and fast-paced action happening all around you in 360 degrees. Put on your headphones and Google […]

Corridoom VR

Immerse yourself in the VR world of Corridoom and see for yourself how far you can go. Steer your movement with as simple as a turn of your head. Feel the rush as you dodge obstacle in high speed at the very last second. Do not let this corridor be your doom! Note: The game is […]

Gold Miner® Go! Cardboard

Now includes all-new content designed for Google Cardboard VR! The official Gold Miner® franchise comes to Google Play for the very first time – reimagined for on the Go! Mine for gold in 57 exciting levels, from familiar locales like Australia to the all-new Amazon Jungle. Encounter creatures from the original games and discover new ones […]


Practice on paper targets and become the next sheriff in town! This beautifully designed game is especially created to take advantage of the virtual reality!  This game requires a Virtual Reality Headset like the Google Cardboard.

VR Liberty Island Cardboard

Provides a wonderful experience in Liberty Island 3D VR. Hail to the statue of the helicopter trying to carry. And all with just their Google Cardboard VR and a mobile with gyroscope. It is worth to try it. There are two game modes. It is important to Adjust the graphics to your device…

VR labyrinthe 3D Cardboard

VR labyrinthe 3D Cardboard is a 3D virtual reality maze for cardboard headsets and with the Oculus Rift, this game uses the technique of stereo vision to offer a unique experience of virtual reality. The goal of the game is to find the exit of the maze and collect the keys. Avoid the zombies and […]