Skeet Shoot VR

Skeet Shoot VR is a skeet shooting experience in your living room for all the family to share. Built specifically to explore the Google Cardboard system, this is a full video game brought to virtual reality. 10 levels of increasing difficultly provide for a lasting and enjoyable game experience. The game has been optimized for […]

Killer Abducted VR

A brand new sci-fi FPS franchise exclusively for Android! You are a Jack Danger, a contract killer that has been abducted by aliens. To escape the aliens clutches and impending doom you must retrieve the lost skulls and destroy all aliens on their spaceships and home planets in this action VR FPS game. – Travel […]

ZG Shooting Training

Zero Gravity Squad : Shooting Training is a musical virtual reality shooting game designed from its core to become an immersive experience when used together with a VR cardboard glasses, while being compatible at the same time with non glass based experiences. It includes several augmented reality technologies to reward players, such as 3d marker […]

RoboBliteration (demo)

BLITERATE a mass of Evil Robots bent on your destruction! Test your skills against the unstoppable horde as you attempt to get the high score. Intense VR arcade action with intuitive controls! Dodge enemies as the auto-turret defends your ship. Collect power-ups to boost your weapon’s destructive capabilities! Robobliteration was built from the ground up for VR to […]

Cardboard Crossy

Cardboard Crossy is a remake of the classic Crossy Road game in first person 3D virtual reality for Google Cardboard. The game is in alpha (early development). It’s only a glance of what the final version will look like, according to the developer. Press the Cardboard trigger to jump! Look in the direction you want to go […]


Dive off of buildings in VR with Caaaaardboard!, a custom-tailored version of Aaaaa! (Works with Google Cardboard!) Owlchemy Labs (creators of hit indie titles Snuggle Truck and Jack Lumber) brings Dejobaan Games’ award-winning PC title to Android with custom-built VR support! Dive from a skyscraper. Spray paint buildings. Flip off protesters. AWESOME! Can be played […]

Cardboard FPS

A simple yet addictive virtual reality first person shooter for Google Cardboard. How long can you survive? You may have you look down and pull your trigger on “Recenter” in-game on your Google Cardboard device to allign this game properly. This game is still under development! This is a beta, and only a glance of […]

Cardboard Catapult VR

Look carefully around the island – there are some angry monster birds attacking you! You have to shoot the birds with the catapult before they reach you. Drag the magnet on the side of the cardboard down to load your shot. You shoot by you let go of the magnet again. (Alternatively you can tap […]

Insurgent VR

Prepare yourself for a fully-immersive, 3D/360° narrative experience, set in the world of The Divergent Series: Insurgent & presented by Samsung Galaxy… AND watch an EXCLUSIVE 3D clip from the film! In the ‘Shatter Reality’ VR experience, you take on the role of a ‘Divergent’, captured by Jeanine Matthews and her Erudite faction, subjected to […]