VR Funfair

VR Funfair – An entire amusement park in one app! Welcome to VR Funfair! The ultimate VR-Kick offers 21 ride and a whole lot of fun! This game is compatible with VR headsets such as Google Cardboard, Durovis Dive and This is Cardboard. Just start, select your ride (by looking at the center for a […]

Graveyard VR

Walk around in a haunted graveyard in the dead of night and explore in 360 degrees. Free version also available with ads. Tested with Samsung Galaxy S4 & S5. A gyroscope required. How to play: Look up at the sphere for two seconds to initialize an auto walk.


Experience in “THE SIX PACK 2014” the six new decors from Interprint in a virtual 3D world. Turn around 360 degrees and fix the field of view with the black dot. Discover six-decor rooms, where you can see up, down, left and right. Some elements can turn around using the black point and rediscover. To leave the […]

Glitcher VR

Step right up and take a look through the eye of tomorrow with the Glitcher VR augmented/virtual reality app! See your world as you have never seen it before! Glitcher VR applies filters to your camera’s output to render your environment in an interesting way. It also applies a barrel distortion effect to all filters […]

VR Table Dance Party

Enjoy the table dance party! Watch the girl´s dance and have some fun.  If you don´t like girls, watch the boy´s. You need a vr-headset like the Durovis Dive, Cardboard, Refugio3D, VReye GO, Samsung Gear, Stooksy VR-Spektiv, Homido and others. No controller is needed for this game. To change your seat, watch the arrow sign over another seat. Have […]

Sunken Treasure Expedition SPE

 The Society Patron Edition is Identical to the free version with the exception of having air bottles to find that give you a little more time to explore, collect treasure and enjoy the thrills of discovery. Pilot the Society for Remarkable Endeavors’ submarine to make discoveries and collect treasure and artifacts before your air supply […]

The Traveler

An ambient Virtual Reality experience that lets you discover exciting new worlds. Each time you enter the world of the Traveler you will be treated to a new and unique mini-world. Works with Google Cardboard. Headphones are recommended to get the full experience. Features ★ A unique environment that changes every time you play ★ […]

Crush & Run VR

Crush & Run VR It is an experience for mobile virtual reality devices developed by indie studio Invfernal, which runs through two shocking scenes of cinematic style in which you suffer different situations that never had imagined. No control for this experience just sit and enjoy it, you should use a mobile device with three […]

Fish Schooling VR

Float around underwater, watch the schooling and the subtle interactions between different groups. Use some headphones for a more a immersive experience, and don’t forget to breathe. This is a simple demonstration using Google Cardboard, no movement or buttons are used. Simply sit back, chillax, look around and enjoy the VR experience.