3DGallagaVR cardBoard

Spectacular graphics and impactful play! Realistic sound Rock music! while you enjoy the game. 1000% engrossing In limited time Destroy the suicide-commando enemies before they strike you. Add your personal best scores. Enjoy the galaga game in 3D VR. It’s a 3D galaga VR (CardBoard). It can also be set to nonVR mode for users without a VR device. The […]

Orbital VR

To take full advantage of this application, you need a virtual reality headset (Durovis Dive, google cardboard, Samsung VR Gear, etc …) and a joystick / gamepad wired or bluetooth (Snakebite, OTG controller PS3, Ipega …) or alternatively, a keyboard plugged in OTG. To move: Joystick left = rotation about yourself Right stick translation = Top buttons […]

Space Explorer VR

 Your craft arrives in a mysterious star system. There are no people around for light years. 5 planets orbit around the bright blue star. In Space Explorer VR you can pilot and walk around a futuristic spacecraft and explore an expansive (but scaled down) star system with 11 unique planets and moons. This game does not […]

Astro Protector VR & Cardboard

This game was done during the Global Game Jam 2014, so don’t expect any miracles … YET! Welcome to the (VR) future NOW! The game can be played with or without a controller. Actually your head/neck/body is your controller! The supported game controller is an OUYA Controller (connected via Bluetooth), but others should work too (in theory). Supported […]

VR Free Flight

Look around to fly through and explore this vast and mysterious jungle island.Use your VR headset button or simply tap the screen to reset the level. Enjoy flying around in virtual reality! Get ready for limitless Virtual Reality, powered by Wearality: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wearality/wearality-sky-limitless-vr *Tap with 1 finger to pause the tour. *Tap with 2 finger to […]

VR Cave Flythrough for Cardboard

Experience the real life sensation of this 3D cave fly through with your mobile virtual reality headset for Google Cardboard or any mobile virtual reality headset. Features: -Google Cardboard powered stereoscopic rendering and head tracking for mobile VR. -Exciting VR cave experience to view in 3d as you fly -Swarms of bats exploring the cave […]

Jet Sprint

With the help of your head movement, you control a jet through a canyon. In this case, you must make sure that you collect enough fuel. If you do not succeed the mission failes. Experience a new game experience and immerse yourself with the help of a OpenDive / Dive 3DVR glasses into the game. […]