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Orbital VR2To take full advantage of this application, you need a virtual reality headset (Durovis Dive, google cardboard, Samsung VR Gear, etc …) and a joystick / gamepad wired or bluetooth (Snakebite, OTG controller PS3, Ipega …) or alternatively, a keyboard plugged in OTG.
To move:
Joystick left = rotation about yourself
Right stick translation =
Top buttons (LB / RB): new axis of rotation (twist)!
Button B = stabilization (used copiously!)
Y = main menu button

Orbital VR3To move towards a goal, place it in the target HUD (Heads-Up Display) And remember that in space there is no up or down! Be very gentle on the controls and brake frequently!

At the first symptoms of dizziness or nausea, remove the headphones immediately. This application requires that you have a strong stomach.

ClassicGamerNL Ik ben ClassicGamer en en deel graag mijn passie voor virtuele reality en retro games met iedereen. Ik maak graag gameplayvideo's en plaats ze op YouTube. Bedankt voor je bezoek aan VRBites! Ik hoop je snel terug te zien! Vergeet je niet te registreren, zodat je ook jouw eigen YouTube-video kunt uploaden!