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VR BikeRide and slalom in the road traffic.  VR Race is a innovative car game because you must use your virtual reality glasses to play it. With your VR glasses, you must simulate the same movements on a motorcycle to be able to point you in the game.

In this game speed, you have to avoid other cars and reach the finish line in each level.
As you advance in levels , the more your speed will be.
3 game modes :
Easy : all cars traveling in the same direction as you.
Normal : driving on a 2×2 , cars circulating in both directions.
Difficulty : You drive your motorbike against the direction . Road traffic is denser.

VR Bike2This game was created in 3D. A particular work was made at the lights, cars and scenery of the city.

The intense immersive 3D stereographic

3D Stereographic modes require glasses, so you need some practice.
Entire interface has been optimized for use with glasses .

Realistic roads and highway.
Physics modeling for car speed.
Glasses required for VR view.

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