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Neuralgia VR

Neuralgia VR4Combine the minds of two people to collect clues and solve puzzles in this asymmetrical co-op game. Created for the Oculus Mobile Jam by the people who made Chicken Walk, ElementL and Kaiju Panic.

Walkthrough (SPOILERS, only use if you get stuck!)

Neuralgia VRSetup

Requires 2 Gear VRs
Both devices need to be on the SAME WIFI network with INTERNET access.
It can work over the internet but you need to forward port 25000 (not ideal).
Ideally you should play in the same room so you can talk to each other.
Occasionally Unity’s master server Neuralgia VR2will not register properly, just try again and it should work.

No gamepad required, touchpad only (and keep talking to each other!)
Tap the back button to restart a level (or if there is a master server error).
Hold the back button to quit the app.