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The Bouncinators

The Bouncinators

 The BouncinatorsGame Overview You are a Bouncinator Robot and you directive is simple; keep the party safe and swinging- but in this city it is no easy task. Using a combination of x-ray specs, scrutiny and flame thrower, you must assess the party goers quickly to make sure nobody is entering with restricted items. Oh and keep an eye open for people trying to sneak in behind you – some people will do anything to get to the party!

The Bouncinators3Controls The world is interacted with by using collisions and timed responses so that the player is free to play without the need of a controller. Most interactions are achieved with head movement. We have also uitilised the controls on the side of the Gear VR so that the player can turn their x-ray specs on and off with a simple tap. For a secret bonus we have added a space-bar function to change the randomised character generation and while not integral to the game play we found it fun!



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